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Opening date: 01/07/2017
Version: 2//Summerland
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Text V1

In this tutorial, you will be recreating this text style:

**Make sure you have this and this pattern downloaded and defined as a pattern.

Open a new document for your text. Type out your sitename in whatever font you like. I personally like Anha Queen for this look. Kern to your liking.
*Make sure you have your theme that you're using as a gradient. If not, do this now.
Open a new document, set the width to the amount of letters in your sitename and the height to 1px. For example, Poison has six letters in it, so my image size will be 1px height and 6px wide. Zoom in to the image at 3200%. Select the gradient tool, make sure your theme's gradient is selected, and add the gradient left to right.

The result should look like this.
Now, set the image aside so you can see the text image and the gradient image at the same time. Letter by letter, color each letter with the corresponding color in the in the gradient image.

Result should look like this.
Now go to blending options, and make your settings like this.

*Use dots as pattern.
Hit ok. Result should look something like this:

Rasterize layer style and duplicate layer twice. Bring original layer to the top and hide it. On the middle layer, right click>blending options. Hit color overlay. Set the color to black and the mode to soft light. Leave the opacity at 100%. Hit OK.

Should look like this at this point.
Rasterize layer style and hide the layer. Right click on last layer>blending options. Hit pattern overlay. Select the scratchy pattern. Leave the rest of the settings as they are and hit OK.
Result should look something like this:

**IGNORE THE STROKE (there shouldn't be a stroke on yours), I only added it to make it easier to see the pattern.
Unhide the upper two layers. Select the middle layer and select the move tool. Hit the right arrow button 2x. then select the bottom layer and hit the right arrow button 2x and the down arrow button once.
Text should look like this:

Merge all layers together. Add a 2px colored stroke with the color #3f3f3f. Hit OK.

Rasterize layer style. Add a 2px gradient stroke with the gradient for your theme. Hit OK.
Rasterize layer style. Add a 1px patterened stroke with whatever scanline pattern you want. Add a dropshadow with a distance of 0 and hit OK. Rasterize layer style and you're done!