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Opening date: 01/07/2017
Version: 2//Summerland
Visitors: //

Text V2

1. Type out your text. choose your font, size, etc now. This text style looks best with any of the a&s fonts or slim tony.

2. Color your text, gradient style.

3. Duplicate your text layer. While on the copy layer, go to filter>add noise, and match your settings to mine. In the layers section, drag this layer under your original text layer.

4. Next, add a dropshadow to your original text layer.

5. Duplicate the noise layer (it's quicker this way) and add a color overlay and make it white. Make sure youre on the move tool and hit the left arrow three times. I've added a background color so it's easier to see. Sould look like this:

6. Go to your noise layer, and move it right and down til one pixel of it is showing at the right & bottom.

7. Back at your original text layer, which should only have a drop shadow added at this point, right click>copy layer style.

8. Once you've hit copy, go to the noise text layer, right click>paste layer style.

9. Add your text styles to the original text layer. The simpler, the better. This is what I do:

10. Done!