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Opening date: 01/07/2017
Version: 2//Summerland
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Zig Zag in Outline Tutorial

1. Have your cutout and vector ready. Add a 2px white stroke and hit okay. Right click>rasterize layer. Add a 1px scanline stroke and rasterize again.
2. Duplicate the layer, and drag the new layer under the original layer.
3. Add a stroke to the new layer. Follow my settings:

4. Make a new blank layer and in the layers palette, drag it between the original layer and its copy.
5. Ctrl+click the thumbnail of the copy layer (while still staying active on your blank layer) and a selection outline should show up around the transparent stroke.
6. Go to your brush tool, select the round brush and make the size 2px. Make the first color from your scheme the foreground color.
7. With the curve tool selected, trace a random zig zag pattern over the outline.

8. Right click>stroke path. Uncheck stimulate pressure and hit ok.
9. Repeat steps 6-8 three more times with the rest of your colors from your scheme.

You're done!