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Welcome to poisonn.com

Welcome to the site! Poisonn.com offers a wide variety of resources, graphics and tutorials for your site & personal needs. Have a look around, save stuff, give me credit, you know how it goes.



Opening date: 01/07/2017
Version: 2//Summerland
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Happy Valentine's day!

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Merry Christmas!

welcome to poisonn.com

Welcome to the site, lovelies! I'm sorta digging this layout; I thought I'd try something totally different from what we're used to seeing these days. It's a nod at a #throwback style of layout we saw in the old siteworld days. I remembered there being a lot of really lightly colored stylesheets with a photography header that had very simple text. I sort of modernized that, editing a photo of Ashley Benson and placing it on a preppy stylesheet. I went with Pea Missy Cursive because it's a classic font. If you made it this far, message me the word 'banana' on fb and I'll make you a sign, as a show of appreciation. Lol. I always wonder how many people actally take the time and look at the introduction paragraphs and blogs, because I know I never do. #Confession. Enjoy the site, and message me any suggestions you may have!

-xo, Allie